Chairhouse presents are thrilled to announce that Beth Prior will be joining us for our Big Busk gig at the Morris Hall in Shrewsbury on April 1st 2017.

2016 saw the release of Beth Prior’s debut album, “Little Acts of Kindness”, a successfully (over funded) crowdfunded album which she toured across the UK with her 7-piece collective last Autumn. Although she appears laid bare for this event with just a guitar, she is no less spirited.

“Beth Prior is a law unto herself. Her songs are carefully structured, and she has clearly studied songwriting a great deal. But she disguises the meticulous construction so well behind her rough and tumble indie aesthetic and stage presence that is never pretentious or boring. She is both impulsive enough to carry a show in a cellar (venue), and melodic enough to fill venues ten times the size. This is the paradox with Prior’s music, and it makes her all the more captivating as an artist.”  Oxford Culture Review 2016.

Beth will join Flatlands and Garage Flowers and our headliner Martin Stephenson for what will be a truely memorable closure to the Big Busk in Shrewsbury.

All profits for this event are being donated by Chairhouse presents to the  Shrewsbury Ark.

Come and make a real difference and enjoy yourself at the same time! Book here.