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The Chairhouse Presents & Caroline True Records (CTR) have come together to create a very special early evening event…

Jon Savage, esteemed author & cultural commentator, talks Manchester, Madchester “Baggy” 1988-93 & The Stone Roses with Abigail Ward of the Manchester District Music Archive (MDMA).

Preceded with a rare showing of the iconic “Weekender” short by Flowered Up at 6-30.


Jon Savage (Esteemed writer, social commentator, broadcaster & author of England’s Dreaming/Teenage/1966) in conversation with Abigail Ward (Manchester Music District Archive – MDMA )

The topic will be late 80’s early 90’s “Madchester” and the Baggy musical scene that defined it – also under discussion will be the critically acclaimed album Jon produced for CTR last year “Perfect Motion 1988-93” and it’s distinctive take on the era.The Stone Roses, their influence, legacy & reformation will also be on the musical agenda. A must for fans of the music & culture of that era !

Followed by music with Djs Jon Savage/Abigail Ward & CTR Guests – Signings & CTR Product on sale including copies of “Perfect Motion 88-93” the album .

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Bison Review

The one with an otter in it

Picture the scene Mr, Mrs and Ms Punter – the bird’s nest looking resplendent in its re-arranged glory, the staff whizzing around like King Louis’s monkeys, otter (((who through his connectionies ((con-neck-si-o knees) (that’s Portuguese for connections, correct me if I’m wrong)) had alerted the beasts to the evening’s potential))) was setting up his decks and laying out his vinyl, badger resplendent in his winter coat was hefting staging in and out of the lift with an increasingly warm looking moose.

Nest – check, stage – check, period furniture courtesy of the chairhouse – check, cauldrons of magical dahl and fiery chilli – check, mic check – check.

First to arrive of the exalted guests, the travelling troubadours, was Abigail Ward DJ, mdma and interviewer, followed shortly by Jon Savage – curator, compiler, journo and commentator on most things musical, a professor of punk, a magi of Madchester, a big bloke of baggy; resplendent in a luminous yellow shirt, “Jon where did you get that shirt?” “TK Maxx, bloody bargain it was too”.

The dahl was doled out, the chilli bowled us over and gumby-paul hovered like a traffic helicopter at rush hour snapping pics.

The evening was kicked off with a short film ‘Weekender’ inspired the band Flowered Up’s track, unsurprisingly called ‘Weekender, (where do they get these ideas?) the audience settled in sofas and made themselves über-comfy around the tables and the feelgood feeling oozed from our pores and our paws.

During a short break we had a team photo taken by gumby-paul which will one day be as an iconic an image as a tennis ball stuffed up some poor tennis player’s knickers.

Otter took centre stage looking resplendent in his fur-trappers boots, he spun tunes like the web from the arse of a very hip spider and we all got ready for action…

Abigail and Jon sat in the bright orange leather-like chairs supplied by this evening’s sponsor and set about enlightening us to what-the-fuck-baggy-actually-is and where the boundaries of Madchester might actually end and begin, Jon being curator in chief of otter’s CTR release ‘Perfect Motion’, talked us through the tracks, and we the audience delighted in anecdote and analysis, time flew by.

After a few questionies (kes-ti-o-knees) I think that’s Portuguese for questions, we had the pleasure of an otter, who had been injecting all evening, finally injected on his own turntables, the tunage tumbled from the stylus like a moonbeam from the night sky, feet tapped, noses twitched and soon le monsieur de Madchester his-self took up the turntables and packed us off on a journey up Mardol and through the cosmos; more dahl until there was dahl no more, and chloee monkey weaved between tables like a capuchin after too many cappuccinos.

As the crowds dispersed and the dust settled the animal collective sighed a collective smile under the fluorescent sunset, thanked the amazing monkeys, shook hands with JS and kissed otter on both cheeks and packed him off; otter resembled John Wayne in True Grit as he disappeared down Barker Street into the Shrewsbuy night.

Photos From The Event

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