Mik Artistik’s Ego trip March 17th

Upcoming Events



Upcoming Events

The first of a series of poetry events – The Basement Dough-Po sessions . . . . Thick Richard has been pedalling his potty-mouthed poems at festivals and clubs up and down the land for the last 16 years. His cynical, lyrical, jet-black humour, intelligent wordplay, well-crafted verse, and occasionally acerbic, well-targeted comic attacks have […]


The Chairhouse Presents

Who are we?

There’s an easy answer to that but let’s not bother with that, we are in the land that the Moose envisaged…

Once there was a Moose and he was itchy with ideas, he bought itchiness cream to smooth on his burning itch, that cream was called ‘let’s bring edgy and exciting back’, so as the swelling subsided he set off on his mission to share the love with the loving and loveable collective that is known in the cosmos as the Shrewsbury and Shropshire folk…

and on the seventh day he did call it Chairhouse Presents.

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